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The Vasiliadis family has been engaged in beekeeping since 1939. The grandfather Nikolas Vasiliadis passed the love and passion to his son Theodoros, who while studying in a beekeeping school and later as a collaborator of the late professor K. Trivizas helped to spread it. Then he returned to his hometown of Florina, creating from that time a modern apiary.

The tradition is continued by Nikos Vasiliadis, who faithfully continues what he received, improving it, producing beekeeping products of excellent quality.

Honey is collected from the honey-bearing regions of Central and Western Macedonia. It is packaged in our modern and certified laboratory with specialized means and is available in the market genuine and pure.


The value of honey has been appreciated since ancient times. In the Egyptian papyri, 3500 years ago honey was mentioned as a healing agent. The book of Life of the ancient Indians states that life is prolonged when milk and honey are present in the daily diet. Nectar was the food of the immortal Olympian Gods. Zeus was raised with honey by the nymph bee. Hippocrates recommended honey for the treatment of many diseases, as did Aristotle who believed that honey prolongs life.


It is a method of breeding queens in four cells. It is used for large-scale production of queens, for replacement of old ones or the creation of new bees. This hive is the size of a normal hive outside with four entrances so it is easy to transport with the other bees but most importantly easy to control since it has four hives together in one hive.


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